”Younger brother.”Jiang Rou would like to say what.
  That was highway for a long time, get it all was too smoky man slowly looked up, his eyes full of tears: “girl, you do my sister-in-law, they have to let me see the monks Medical hurt ah!”
  Broken bellows same voice, as well as strange pupil color.
  Jiang Rou stunned, she turned around and Kaka, had just been found Meteors tugging at the hem, his face looked we苏州夜网ird, she still continued towards Jiang Rou Nuzui.
  Jiang Rou: “Meteors your mouthCramp?”
  Meteors almost did not cry out, she turned a direction, knees and loudly: “Five young master!”
  Jiang Rou followed much more –
  Gangster being the bad guy is standing her hand!She should and also with several sentences of!
  Gangster eyebrow: “black carbon?Very ugly person?Beauty of the soul?”
  Jiang Rou wow bang it soared out of tears, she would begin to touch duo Qin Ye’s face: “Mom Yeah, your face younger brother okay?”
  Qin Ye Yang chin away from her hand: “really good, always his wife would not find it too.”
  ”do not!Gangster you pointed this face look good.”Jiang Cheng Rou honest, never tell lies.
  After all, a big brother to force surly temper, and nothing to this face, every minute of the rhythm of people would have been killed.深圳桑拿网
  Qin Ye hum: “Do you recognize me look good?”
  Jiang Rou heart fall back to the spot, she patted the arm chiefs, skilled Shun Mao: “The so-called concern for the chaos, I is not worried about what you?”
  ”Hiss,” Qin Ye quickly covered his right arm, took a puff air-conditioning, “Do not shoot.”
  Rou Jiang Xin Fu has held up, and he sent did not come up with a heart attack: “Also Zala?”

  Gu no reaction, half whole family in mind, he feels ignored this as.
  Jiang Rou sneer, put a cup of tea snapped: “Sun bully my mother is dead does not excuse it?So they kept her body to get sullied?”
  Jiao Shi Yi Leng, apparently did not understand what he meant.
  Qin Mian can be slotted and Qin Hao heart door clear, both father and son has a half bowed his head and looked at his right hand their own bag of gauze, so far it seems depressed, and a taut jaw, without a word.
  Do not need definitive evidence ginger Rou, these curved round after round, to and fro on the so point out the things, there is no need to think.
  She looked Gu, cold, said: “This one gathered, I would like to ask my grandmother, if in the future we have similar absurd things, an attempt to cut off my blood Qin illegitimate villain, and then how to make the demon punished?”
  Inside these words, the phrase “illegitimate blood” poke in the soft underbelly of Gu.
  The old lady to grief, as long as the thought of his white-haired people who sent hair, lost two successive son, and also went to a pro-grandson, that’s cut out the heart of the unspeakable pain.
  She suddenly opened his eyes, deep nasolabial folds raised: “Who dares杭州夜网论坛?”
  Jiang Rou tilt the mouth, open the skylight, said Liang words: “Before my honor grandmother, uncle to go, I’ve seen him, and he tied me to the reeds, you want to seize the overlapping color painting techniques in the hands of the younger brother, was but uncle told me a few words of.”
  Meaning is not entirely finished, she looked straight slotted Qin Mian.
  Qin Mian slotted eyes smile, tightlipped and said: “Little Three young married woman had to know how big brother is dead ah?”
  Are at this point, he even still quibble.
  Jiang Rou nausea, direct decorum skin: “Well, uncle told me that he was not the least bit jealous of my father actually Qin Zheng talent, he just hated, then met with my mother, my mother finally chose the father, and I did not choose him, so over the years, he has some heart in addition to Shaw tho广州桑拿网ught, no other!”
  The word went down, the thought still hiding in the tightly Gu surprise.

  Ruan Zhiwen just reached the door. “.”No one foot almost fell out of the threshold to.
  He was angry that??
  This is a good man he does not fight with women!
  Kid actor, really is very annoying, actually like nonsense big truth, he will not fac苏州夜网e ah???
  Ruan Zhiwen just out of time, Fang Xiulan immediately arrested young men come over, “Zhiwen, to help mom to install pickled fish pot on the house to go to the end!”
  Multi-their families, and both are kid, eat the poor kid and teenagers, especially Zhiwu that eat, a person can eat a few large bowl, not necessarily full of the.
  Fang Xiulan do pickled fish, simply direct use of some time ago in the county to buy the pot Zhou Xiuying, the new pot is distressed Zhou Xiuying, reluctant to spoil, it has been useless.
  The take back later, Fang Xiulan simply use this pot to hold rice up.
  no way.
  There are three pigs at home, eat it!
  Ruan Zhiwen to the front of Fang Xiulan, very wronged, “Mom, you tube little sister!”
  Fang Xiulan hand holding a spoon of meal, “how do you little sister??”Then do not ask 7 March 21,南宁夜生活网 bluntly warned,” If you bully your sister, do not blame me this spoon not have eyes ah!”
  Farm household spoon, scoop are the kind of big, long handle, the bottom is particularly deep, big enough for a full spoonful down a bowl.
  Ruanzhi Wen looked at the shining big scoop, subconsciously shrink the shrink neck, broken heart.
  Co-author of three children, three-bedroom, he was picked up on.
  But also pick up Big Brother when, incidentally, he also gave the Shaoshang.
  And other meals are on the Qi, Zhou Xiuying and Ruanzhi Wu also came back from the outside, and the inside of the corn almost all long, tender corn breaking a few back, placed inside the pot after cooking, sweet glutinous, endless love have eaten.
  Therefore, the elderly restless, Zhou Xiuying played a early, the two old hens fed later, carrying a backpack and a child went to the hillside to which.
  Broke off half basket of corn is not that also picked up a lot of chestnut hair back.
  ManDaManSuan, installed a basket full of tender corn and chestnut hair.
  Ruan Zhiwu after the fish into the house, then went to the mountainside Zhou Xiuying back, after they came back, rice is also just right, Fang Xiulan took corn, apart from anything else, so called to Ruan Zhiwen Zaotang gave the point to find, Tim a pot of water, boil half pot of corn, but also smashed two dozen chestnut hair, a throw into it, and so they finished eating, corn and chestnut hair that was good, too, but also when a meal snacks. , seven Pass village, this is already a good day the top.

  QQ space to get dressed last night went to bed at three, he trapped it now.
  Huai boat staring at the QQ friends contact form, never looking back, impatient authentic: “to wash up quickly roll.”
  ”I go to eat, starve to death.”
  Lian Yang did not move against the back of a chair, right leg sideways-handed, non-stop tapping your foot resting on the ground.
  He stared curiously at QQ buddy list to see Huai boat.
  Huai boat buddy list is deserted, plus he also less than five people, so he never get friends group, are the initial default packet system.
  But now, Lian Yang found that he added several new grouping.
  Upper and lower two packets are empty, surrounded by special symbols into a flower-shaped “mouth” word.
  Middle of the “mouth” word packet, there is a middle name hear苏州夜网t symbol.
  That boat was conceived with flowers surrounded by friends nicknamed “Wo fire”, the other side of the picture is Chibi Maruko, at the moment in the gray offline.
  Huai boat never get those bells and whistles, but uncharacteristically the past two days, Lian Yang immediately smell a hint of extra special taste from his behavior in the girl’s mind.
  He narrowed his eyes, excited tone with two points, transfer laughed: “Brother boat, this man ah?”
  Huai boat without looking back, “you future sister-in-law.”
  Lian Yang a, more excited, “Of course I guessed, I am asking who is sister-in-law!”
  Of course he knew that was a special treat pregnant boat people do not in general, who are just curious girl is pregnant with fancy boat.
  ”I would rather autumn.”
  Huai boat leisurely answered, Lian Yang almost a milk sprayed on 深圳桑拿网the computer screen.
  ”what?”Lian Yang suspect that the auditory hallucinations.
  ”No, what the situation ah, you do not like this girl?”
  Boys are very care about self-esteem, no one likes to be treated by others dismissive attitude.
  Especially in the autumn of this family was rather lean, but their exceptionally good girls, usually lofty pride personality.
  Both look down on their money, but also look down on their mix.
  That may account nickname “Wo fire” two words put together, is indeed a word autumn.
  Also, pregnant ellipsis boat that string a nickname I do not know when it changed to “Autumn Leaves Returning Boat”.

  This time, all the pressure on all his chips.
  Han Yu Yun Han turned and walked out the door of the house, he just went out, outside of the chair is out there waiting for him.Let Han Yu cloud surprise深圳桑拿网 today to pick him not Zhou Gonggong, he looked very familiar father goes face to understand that the palace should have been controlled.
  However, at the same time worry Han Yu cloud heart would not stop too.This thing may not be quite that simple, after all, they just count to a number of things, but the situation palace he does not know.
  Perhaps now Mu yun it has grasped all the palace, perhaps not.However, Mu-yun it seems really have grasped the palace of everything.
  In fact, this is something for him benefits, that does not prove that they plan to steadily advance yet?
  Han Yu cloud has been Concerned deep inside the sedan chair, consider things a bit complicated.But soon some of their people quietly reached inside the house the emperor’s residence.
  Standing in front of the emperor, Han Yu cloud emperor found today looks sick seems particularly serious.He lay there seems to have stopped breathing, pale and weak breathing.
  This medicine is Han Yu cloud personally to the emperor caused by prescription, but now is not the antidote to be able to emperor.Because only the weak body of the Emperor, Mu-yun will be more presumptuous.
  Han Yu in the cloud these thought and thought, when Muyun Yan suddenly appeared in here.
  Logically, Muyun Yan really should not be here.I do not know why, see Muyun Yan, Han Yu cloud in the heart through a bit.
  Muyun Yan, here today how!
  But in front of Muyun Yan it seems to be disguised, he was raising his hand lifted, then taking advantage of people not prepared shook his index finger.And Han Yu cloud suddenly realized, yet the situation is still in control.
  ”Seven Prince, how the emperor here?”Han Yu Yun asked politely, but also to explore.On the surface, the cloud is Han Yu Mu yun person.And these days, so Han Yu Mu-yun has been a cloud in control of the emperor’s side.
  So, Muyun Yan appear here, for Han Yu cloud, it should not be a good thing.
  After Muyun Yan made such a set, then she smiled and looked helplessly against Han Yu Yun said: “Fu Huang is not the body I took a bad dragged here.By the way, you quickly see how he is doing.”
  Slovenly, with no way.
  Han Yu Yun nodded his head, just put his hand Damo’s back, then respectfully stand in front of him in the side, said: “The emperor’s body weakness, fear is not survive this two days.”
  Han Yu cloud heavy tone, but looking at the people around them look complicated.Originally the Emperor’s body is to be, but just clouds Yu Han emperor found Damo’s condition does not seem so simple in control of Han Yu in the cloud.
  So Han Yu face a strange cloud of worry, and now Han Yu cloud of panic because Muyun Yan came out behind another person, that person is Mu-yun.
  Mu-yun hook lip smile, as if do not see now in front of the same embarrassing situation.”How, which is barely Fu Huang?”
  Mu-yun He stood there now, is entirely a theater like.Despite the presence of three people are well aware of how each other is thinking, but they still face an enjoyable way.

  ☆, five hundred and fifty first chapter true colors

  We all laugh at it online, and even people out of the expression package.
  This is not only made of it at noon?In the evening there is expression package, Lin Han took his cell phone and handed next to the ginger and said, “You see!!I will not face is a person.”
  Ginger and move their eyes from the scenery outside to come in and see the phone said to be holding Lin Han, “Is not it cute?”
  He looked grumpy Lin Han, hand touched her face, then gently pinch a bit, feel good.
  Lin Han did not expect at this time, and even had the ginger pinch her face, and suddenly launched an attack on the ginger, ginger and two hands on the waist side ready to die scratch ginger and let him know what the itch, what It is called fear.
  But ginger and is not a ticklish person, ginger and so to see the face that nothing happened for a long time after Lin Han Naoliao.
  Lin Han: “.”
  This guy is really against humanity, how could someone that is not ticklish, some men’s hair wet, because of the hot springs, made him look a little lazy, □□ the upper body, plus a well-established body that exercise, fine collarbone, and red lips.
  She felt the atmosphere suddenly changed some, it seems not suitable for a tickle.
  She put ginger waist and hands slowly sliding up, touched ginger and abdominal muscles, but also touched the chest, feeling good relationship because a couple of multi-touch, go down on the time, and was a ginger grasp the hand.
  He looked at Han Lin, eyes as if a flame is burning, he spoke and said, somewhat hoarse voice, “Your hands are doing?”
  Lin Han looked like ginger and also lowered his voice, slowly by the past, Jiang Lin Han can feel and even breathing, especially under this low temperature burning.
  She spoke and said slowly, “the man, dressed like that, you’re playing with fire.”
  Her voice was very low, as if, like driving down eight degrees, and then she slowly left the ginger and ears, his face wearing Xiemei Maniac smile, ginger and stir up hand chin and said, “You successfully caught my attention.”
  And ginger “.?!”
  He did not even get to know Lin Han in the end doing, did not understand smile on his face Lin Han Lin Han goes on to say, “for a while, to my room to.”
  After finished holding their things and ran quickly ra广州桑拿n away.
  Han Lin would like to say this sentence a long time but never had a chance, she’s quotations overbearing president are ready, in addition to breaking cold day, but there are a lot of!
  Ginger and looked confused, Lin Han satisfactory gone.
  This hot spring is too long people feel dizzy, really is a little bubble will be better.
  After Lin and Jiang Han stood up to leave, it’s cool to let him sober outside a lot, he just did not drink it, why he only got Lin Han’s last words.

  Li Yu put down his pen, to rely on a back of a chair, staring at the clock on the wall of the bored.
  Wait until sixty minutes, he did not wait one second holding papers pulled a chair to stand up, walked to the podium.
  The examination room more than half of them looked over here and saw that Li Yu, are not surprisingly, they continue down their exam.
  Chemistry teacher looked at the clock, sixty minutes, one minute really do not have much to recover HeadLi Yu looked at the light on the paper on the podium, for him a slight nod before going out.
  He froze for a moment.
  This kid, the way he had never met to say hello, how also today suddenly became polite.
  Chemistry teacher thinking to himself cry, watching the Liyu go out, just bored, look down on the paper, ah, have filled out the front, side turn, shocked, not even behind the big questions and in all the blanks filled in, this back calculation formula also quite like another story column…
  Li Yu out of the examination room, he walked straight up to four classes outside the examination room, one saw more than forty personal care from sleep, sh苏州夜网419e sat in a fifth vertical position of her desk in the teacher eyelids from under, we are hard at doing problems.
  Li Yu stood outside the window, after another student found him, subconsciously looked towards care sleep.
  Li Yu Gu sleep and messages of love is not a secret.
  Just do not know such a person Liyu, actually will be so patient and so on girlfriend.
  Waited ten minutes did not see him move location.
  Gu Li Yu did not find sleep, just concentrate hard at doing the title, there are more than ten minutes away from the assignment, the classroom of people are walking about, Zhang Gu complete sleep examination papers before they looked around to see who found the classroom she and the rest four or five students, and then you see standing in the hallway Li Yu was watching her, she slightly hesitated and then he exposed a广州桑拿网 smile, holding up the papers submitted to the podium up, trot and ran out of the classroom.
  Li Yu has come to the door to greet her.
  Gu sleepless opening is to ask him to test how well.

Mo Xiao said: “Although the door is ‘myself’ bad, because I always have lived in this matter Bay Bridge hospital.If aunt to make money out of this, I can not feel at ease.But today I mention this, aunt refused to close, so I would like you to give money to her, saying it was out of my.”

Rui Yun Chang nod.

Mo Xiao Then he said: “In addition, I lived these many days, meal and housing money.”

He squint squinting: “You and I count so clear, you owe me money should first ceremony also it?There Ji Yu, keep a horse you know how much money you spend one day?”

Mo Xiao counting down the count to him: “I see a doctor for you, give 杭州桑拿洗浴you your medical fees wounded also confiscated it!Last night you were not scared and you count the spirit of the damages it!Ji Dong Chang Yu Yang out, it is guanjia out of money, you do not have to spend your pocket.As for the meal that was to rent aunt, not to you.”

Rui Yun Chang smiled.

Last night, late at night back to the East Plant, interrogated yesterday that three Qin Zhu.At first the three of teeth associated with Chen refuses to acknowledge what the public until the early morning before one of them to pry open the mouth.Chen Tao won the morning to go to the palace, and then they rush Jing’an Public House raid Helenians.

  Pull pull the glass door shut.
  No matter how tough the day, night or come up.
  Huo imitation of the past few days did not go to the barracks, and pull pull regarded twenty-four hours to get along.
  Huo imitation still working late.
  Wan Wan had fallen asleep sitting on the sofa.
  Huo imitation gently squatted in front of her, looked at her one knee.
  If you pull pull his wife rather than a genuine female officer, you would not have to stay here with him late at night.
  Distressed this fragile little thing.
  The so-called eye of the beholder.
  Only pull pull the whole world feel Huo imitation is a gentle and honest man, and only pull pull Huo imitation think it is a fragile “little things” .
  ”Pull pull, wake up, we are back to 杭州夜网论坛the room.”
  This words from the man’s mouth, really ambiguous.
  Under this context, usually a couple or a lover, a co-sink chamber.
  Woman man directly to the princess in his arms, gently but aggressively to bed fling.
  Night strong, often lingering when Everlasting.
  Wan Wan rubbed his eyes, “Oh,.”
  Stand up and walk directly Wangwaimian.
  Imitation is pulled back Huo.
  ”Pull pull, you深圳桑拿网 forget that you are in my room bedroom.”

  Ye careless back yard, maidservants Mother ready hot water bath, and the same past and retreated outside.
  The seven princes Princess do not like to wait close.
  While the yard is mostly leaves home dowry, but there are also some original Prince of government servant, not taking advantage of the seven princes did not dare Princess ‘no graces’, to inadvertently obstruct small leaves or do not listen to ordersServant.
  However, after treatment I experienced a wooden stake, and no one dared to say anything casually.
  The worst one is that people have become whole yard wood, leaves inadvertently quietly staring, no one disturb her better.
  Ye careless when bathing, 9526 have mentioned it to shield vision, mission some women seem to mind being seen very physical, even if there is no sex at all of the system.
  However inadvertently leaves do not mind to her words, if a world a task, then the body is only temporary body, perhaps in the future will become a man, will become something else, why we should care about it.
  Even amnesia, adaptability is quite good, 9526 can not help but suspect it home to a host through a past life is what people.
  After the bath, leaves北京养生会所 mood also ready to sleep, do not want to come pray Shaw.
  And the evening meal together like when a little different, this time over Hsiao Chi-white sharp-eared some red, seemed to shy.
  Hsiao Chi-Fu Huang ridicule precisely because the heart is, before he leaves not tempted to clear your heart, these rumors do not care about nature, but now some inexplicable heartbeat accelerated, also face some heat,
  Strange, what kind of woman he was not seen, there is nothing to shy.
  Ye inadvertently I do not care what he called the tangle, even tone are not any waves, directly asked, “how do you come?”
  Xiao pray some ass, handsome face has become more attractive up, lack of confidence was maintained lips make fun of, “You are my positive Princess, you and I have a house with sink any wonder.”
  9626: “rotten scoundrels”
  9526 to hear the w广州桑拿ords, inadvertently leaves micro paused, then looked up, clear eyes looked at Xiao Chi, “You are right.”
  Xiao Chi heart slightly shocked, I saw the leaves inadvertently coming towards him, walked over to him, raising his hand to his chest, blinking too late to quickly point a couple.
  Xiao Chi inevitable, life was the point of the acupuncture points.