15 personal love tips that make you happy

Sex Secret 1: What should my husband do to stop my secret?

  Q: My fiancé always breaks into the bathroom without knocking on the door. This is very embarrassing. I think this has stopped my wealth. On the contrary, he always thinks that it means love and no reservation.

How can I be good?

  A: It sounds like the guy is still discovering that he lives with his college roommate, but he forgot that you are not his roommate.

The first hint to him was that there were no more than two people in the bathroom.

The second hint is that you are not at ease.

I hope he is a smart person.

Psychologists believe that when you live together, give men some time to adapt to women.

Tell them that when women make up, change clothes and stay in the bathroom, don’t bother them.

Tell your fiancé that he has done nothing wrong, but you really need your own personal space.

We believe this will work.

  Sex Tip 2: Let him happily adopt your suggestion Q: I often attend his party with friends with my husband, and sometimes join their discussion. I think I am very reasonable, but every time.He will not accept my opinion. After returning home, I always complain that I will not leave him a face. Why?

Should I consider serving him?

  A: Maybe you should pay attention to the communication skills. The marriage expert gives you the following suggestions: (1) To adopt a more intimate attitude.

As the saying goes, ‘reason is not high,’ so when you make suggestions, pay attention to your attitude, and talk to your side around him, it is better to sit next to him and sing with an elegant attitude and warm attitude.Come, infect him with your gentleness.

  (2) Become his most powerful supporter.

When a man hears a suggestion, he always thinks that he is unqualified, especially when he is facing his friend, he will be very disgusted.

But if you can give some guidance at the same time, he will feel much better.

For example, if he is very nervous about public representations, be sure to remind him of how good he has been in front of everyone before making your suggestion.

  (3) Make recommendations in a euphemistic manner.

Frankly is an advantage, but it must be divided into occasions.

If you express your suggestion by asking, he will not feel the existence of stress, so it is more acceptable.

  Sex Secret 3: Help him to face the reality brave Q: My honeymoon has not finished, I found that my husband is obsessed with computer games, what should I do?

  A: His fanaticism about video games far exceeds the concern for you. This may annoy you. In fact, this is a catharsis for him.

Anyone needs a way to release stress. For men, video games and TV are the best ways.

So, with the order to stop the game, let him play for an hour.

Then make a better suggestion, some two people go out for dinner.

But if he cancels all the plans for playing games, or stays up all night, indicating that he may have suffered some problems, then you can play the role of his friend and encourage him to tell the troubles.Take him to a psychological consultation so that he no longer escapes from reality and is immersed in the virtual world.

  Sex Secret 4: Intimate places make you feel more at ease Q: Our honeymoon is in the jungle lodge, my husband wants to make love outside the house.

This idea sounds very romantic, but I always worry about dirty things, bugs, and even fear of being peeked.

what should I do?
  A: Survivor-like sexuality may not be right for you. Try to consider a way to improve your comfort.

You can scout a completely private place and bring a blanket.

  Sexual Secrets 5: Women don’t like men in bed. Q: When I was making love, I tried to use the skills learned through various methods, and tried very hard to make my wife feel satisfied, but the truth is, even though sheDid not say it, I can still polish some ways to make her very helpless, and even a little disgusted.

But how can I know what a woman really needs?

  A: Actually, for a newly married woman, let her experience happiness, warmth and practicality are the most important.

Change posture every ten seconds; wipe food in her private parts; force the breasts; make love in the hot tub. These endless patterns will intimidate most women.

Making love is not a race of ‘iron triathlon’, or the most intimate exchange between you.Therefore, you should fully communicate on this, taking into account her psychological acceptance of the ‘tactics’ and your physical tolerance, so that she can enjoy real fun from this process.

  Sex Secret 6: Exercise your PC muscles and enhance the fun of love Q: I heard that some sports can improve the quality of sex life. Can you introduce one?

  A: The current international practice is to exercise the PC muscle.

It is located in the pelvis and was originally used to treat bladder leaks caused by pregnancy, menopause, and multiple births.

Recent research has shown that consciously exercising the PC muscles will bring more sexual pleasure, allowing you to tighten the penis and rhythmic control more tightly.

The specific method is to stop and wait at the time of urinating, to experience the feeling of urinating, repeat many times, and remember this feeling.

Then you can start exercising, from one to ten, every few times, it is more forceful.

When you have mastered this exercise, you can control the muscles of the vagina and anus.

Do three exercises every day, five times each time.

Gradually three times a day, thirty times a time.

In a few weeks you will feel its effect.

Don’t doubt if you are right, ask your husband to know.

The biggest benefit of this exercise is that you can do it anytime, anywhere, and it won’t be noticed by anyone, even in the office!

  Sex Secret 7: God!

The condom broke Q: Is the condom really 100% safe?

What if I break it?

  A: At present, compared with other forms of contraception, condoms are indeed popular because of their safety and substitution, and the quality of products that are now purchased through distance is guaranteed.

But it’s also possible that you can use them very carefully, or there will be accidents. When you forget to sway in love, it will burst when it should be the most ruined. What is worse than this!

At this time, you should not panic, but immediately kneel down, let the semen flow out of the vagina, and then immediately inject contraceptive ointment into the vagina.

If you don’t have a contraceptive ointment at home, you can put a clean gauze on your fingers, put on wet soapy water, stick into the vagina, and wash out the semen.

If there is a contraceptive film or a contraceptive plug, it can be put into the vagina after washing out the semen, which will reduce the chance of failure and enhance the contraceptive effect.