Rotten in Yangshuo lost together in West Street

Yangshuo’s beautiful Yangshuo is very famous. I always thought that Yangshuo would be a place similar to Wuzhen and Phoenix. When I arrived at the most famous West Street in Yangshuo, I realized that I was wrong.

  West Street is a commercial street that is backed by the Lijiang River. The buildings are built by antique houses. If it is not the beautiful river behind the river and the beautiful peaks that can be seen, I really feel that the commercial street that is planned with the folk customs in the city is not.Oh, the difference.

  I saw a lot of West Street texts in other people’s travel notes, saying that West Street is not a place to visit, but it is suitable for living and slowly taste.

So we stayed in West Street for most of the week.

  West Street is a place where people are drunk.

  West Street is a place to escape from reality and indulge.

  What is the most famous West Street?



  Here, people from all corners of the country crowded a strange place, and the mind seemed to be exceptionally open. It seems that it is really easy to meet friends and encounter love (let’s call it), but once you leave this street, you return to the original role of reality.Will these emotions fall apart?

  The best memory for West Street is sitting in an open-air cafe, watching people come and go, often, aimlessly killing an afternoon.

The previous trips were always in vain, the schedule was full, and there was no such idle time. This time because it was the Spring Festival, I was too lazy to make detailed arrangements. After two or three days of walking, I was not interested in it.

  Sitting here, my companion said, a lot of little mixed blood.


It is said that West Street is the highest street for foreign-related marriages in China. However, it is estimated that there are some foreign-related marriages. It is difficult to say that marriage is difficult.

West Street is actually the West Street of Westerners (and hence the name). Westerners like it here because it is both Chinese and Western.

  In the bar of West Street, looking through a thick message book, you can often find some kind of old-fashioned, sad and horrible feeling.

I think of the tree hole in “In the Mood for Love”.

Travel is a kind of escape. The meaning of fleeing is not where to escape. The important thing is to leave, leave the original place, the original identity, everything.

In a bar, I suddenly wrote a lot of words and then left with satisfaction.

Is this the case, because “out of the box”, there is a desire to pour.

  If you look at the small Bourgeois, Yangshuo is a good place, a spiritual occupation.

Therefore, there are always people who are nostalgic here.

  Meet the owner of an inn, often have children standing at the entrance of the inn.

I thought she was a native of the locals. Only when she talked, she knew that she was a Shantou person. She traveled to Yangshuo and lived in this inn. Later, she became the proprietress here.

  There is a girl in the same city who lived in Yangshuo West Street for a month, visiting the mountains, clubbing, eating delicious food, practicing oral English, making friends, and remembering after returning.

  In Yangshuo, there are still many such stories.

However, I don’t think it is a petty bourgeoisie. I don’t like this title.

So the petty bourgeoisie is sometimes like hell to me.

Yangshuo, and even the entire Guilin, the high price is a common phenomenon.

To bargain, slash.

If you leave the small Bourgeois, look at the realism, the strong commercial taste is really disgusting.

  See the article said that the monthly income of the small street in West Street is only 400 yuan, and it is normal to spend 400 yuan a night in West Street.

The trotting hall said that they did not spend at West Street at all. “That is the place where tourists play.”

  One of my favorite places to travel, the people there called me “girls/little girls”, just like the family, I feel more cordial; in Yangshuo, when we go out, we hear “Hello, beautiful.”  Anyway, once is enough, I won’t go back to this place.

  There is no Aboriginal residence in Aladdin West Street, but the purchase of ethnic customs is still a profit for local businesses.

There is no “unique” specialty in West Street, because the things sold there are basically common in other tourist areas, such as flower cloth, bracelets, crafts, and so on.

The price is not cheap.In summary, everything is converging.

  Aladdin is a store in Yangshuo selling Indian clothing.

The lights in the store played very well, especially in the jewelry area, which formed a dazzling glare.

The building is attached to the photo taken by the boss when he went to India to pick up the goods.

It was the one that impressed me the most. In the days of Yangshuo, I went shopping.

Also, the clerk’s Indian style is very eye-catching; even in West Street, the rate of return is super high.

  Impression Liu Sanjie is not familiar with Liu Sanjie, but all the introductions to Yangshuo have praised the large-scale live performance of this director Zhang Yimou.

Then, just go and see.

It is really the light of the real scene, Guilin landscape is so beautiful, coupled with Zhang Yimou’s best long-used colors, coupled with first-class lighting, sound technology, you can use the water real performance to become a pure, advanced art enjoyment.

After the end, the meaning is still unfinished.

  I think the locals and the local government must be grateful to Zhang Yimou. How much income will be created and how many job opportunities will be provided each year.

The old man has an “impression of Yunnan” in Yunnan, and MS has other “impressions XX”. The old man will really be a man.

  However, such a high-density large-scale live performance shows the beauty of the landscape, and at the same time, it also pollutes the landscape?

  Xu Beihong’s former residence in Yangshuo has the former residence of Xu Beihong, but it is rarely mentioned in the travels. Some of them have been mentioned as “already”.

This is an unpopular attraction.

Perhaps the master is no longer the impotence of today’s drunken fans.

  The celebrity ruins have always been the part I am most interested in. I thought it would take some trouble to find it, but I was close at hand.

West Street walked to the end, turn left, it will take a few minutes.

The exterior wall of the former residence is lined with stone monuments, which describe the old things of Xu Beihong, Qi Baishi, Zhang Daqian and others who are sketched here and have simple folk customs.

  Xu Beihong’s former residence is on the edge of the Lijiang River. The entrance is the river and the mountains. The scenery is beautiful, as if I can really see the figures of several masters laughing and laughing.

The companion said that if Xu Beihong is still alive, seeing Yangshuo now, he really wants to be mad.

  The funny thing is that we found the former residence, but we ate a closed door.

Not far away, the Sun Wen Lecture Hall is also closed.

A staff member gives us a plan behind the door, to the effect that it is a holiday.

Sure enough, it is a secluded tourist spot, as well as a holiday during the Spring Festival!

  Yes, Yangshuo does not need painter Xu Beihong, does not need Sun Yat-sen, but only needs you to come to petty bourgeoisie, to lose, to sink.

  Other firecrackers are in the Spring Festival. A Guilin person on the plane told me that Guilin can shoot a gun this year.

Sure enough, as soon as I entered the city, I heard the sound of firecrackers, and I saw the red confetti in front of the store that had not been exhausted.

I have been through the Spring Festival without fireworks and firecrackers for more than ten years, and I hear such noises, as if I have returned to a distant childhood.

  Later, in Yangshuo West Street, Longsheng Dazhai and other villages, the sound of firecrackers was heard everywhere, and many tourists bought their own fireworks and bloomed in the night.

  The local boys generally like to throw the cannons, walk and walk, and the screams of “squeaky” in front of the cold, a smoke trailing up, really test the heart’s ability to withstand.

  I saw a little girl in West Street, playing with a small fireworks alone, as if I saw the shadow of childhood, I remember that when I was young, I liked it.

Companion said: Of course, this is the safest!

  The famous village of Xingping Fishing Village is famous because Clinton has set foot and went to the place. He was greatly disappointed. He was deeply puzzled when Clinton went there.

In addition to the villagers’ booths for tourists and the photo with the President of the United States, the building is ruined, there is no protection, and there is no merit. It is very doubtful that the local government has taken the US President to take a lap to create momentum.
Since then, this place has been fishing for the “Presidential Journey”.

I always feel that the development of the scenic spot itself is not bad, but it cannot be separated from the humanities. It is simple and rude like the Xingping Fishing Village.

  Because I went to Xingping Fishing Village and dismissed the plan to walk on the Lijiang River, I was passing by with Langshi Village, which I never missed.

In fact, I don’t know what the scenery is in these two villages. I don’t have much fantasies about this. I just want to be because these two places like the martial arts novels (cold water, waves) make me think.

Walking through the two riverside villages with dry food, on the way to find a break in the shed where the house sheds the wind, is it also a bit of a coquettish style of the ancient knights?Oh, maybe there is no line, leaving more room for imagination.

  The old county is a village on the edge of the Yulong River. It is called the best village in Yangshuo County to preserve ancient buildings.

The ancient architecture has always been the favorite thing to watch in my travels, so although I didn’t have time to go ashore on the first day, I found a time to go there again.

  The old county is a very quiet village. The fields are filled with yellow, white rapeseed, and an idyllic scenery similar to Meng Shi.

And just entering the old county did not take long to see a couplet of high-rise courtyard entrance: the house near Qingshan with Xie Zhen, the door is Biliu like Tao Qian.

The couplet is done in general, but the owner’s admiration for Xie and Tao is evident.

Do you think that the owner is a person who is tired of returning to the pastoral style (or vassal) in the city?

Unfortunately, the door is closed, otherwise I really want to visit.

  Lijia Courtyard and Lijiazong Temple are the most representative ancient buildings in the old county.

In fact, this big family who has gone out of the ranks of the scholars, and now there is only one empty big house left to tell the often glorious years – even this house, even the most precious carved window gallery has been dismantled by the merchants to the west.Street vendors sell.

A repair donation box at the doorway is quietly placed, but I always feel that this ridiculous house is no longer back in the past, and the so-called repairs are far away, it is here slowly aging.,Until death.

  The old county has less utilitarian faces than the fishing village of Bixingping. The only thing that does business is to see the old roots and the Mao Mao family, mainly for the tourists who drift in the Yulong River.

  The old couple of the old root family are very kind people, perhaps as a kind of straightforwardness of the descendants of the most famous Li family in the village.

There is a guy who “sicks” the old roots after eating and drinking: old roots, your food is good, go back and help you write travel notes!

The old roots showed a simple smile and thanked him again (this person later changed his mouth and said that he would write the old root himself, and the old roots would not write.

Cough, tease the old roots, despise ah).

Laojia’s wife is a harmonious old lady. When we rested under the tree, we handed a chopped orange to explain the thirst. It also explained how sweet the orange is when it is not sweet.

  Mao Mao’s family is called Orchid Villa. In the deeper part of the village, it is more cold and hidden.

At the entrance is a short, sturdy door with gourds on both sides.

Seeing us go in, the host enthusiastically introduced us to the Lan Garden to visit and introduce the differences of several orchid leaves, but I regret that it was not the time when orchids bloomed.

In the yard of the Orchid Villa, there are also different root carvings in different shapes.

Interestingly, the owner said that these things are not for sale.

In the martial arts novels, the Orchid Villa in the old county can also be a place where the world’s high-ranking people live in seclusion.